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General Jun 09, 2020
Standing In Solidarity
by The RNPA Board of Directors

Dear RNPA Members,

We want to acknowledge the horrific death of George Floyd which sparked emotional protests across our country and highlighted a deep-rooted problem of racial and social inequity. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Floyd family as well as the many other Black American families who have lost their loved ones to racism, or violence at the hands of law enforcement.


As a profession, nurses have the responsibility to care for a diverse and vulnerable population, and we witness firsthand how systemic inequality impact those who live in our communities. RNPA leadership wants you to know that we stand strong in solidarity with many others across the nation. There is no place in our country for any form of racism or discrimination. The many lives that have been impacted over the years are a product of individuals who continue to breed a culture of hate and oppression. As nurses we are expected to be strong, and heal those who need rebuilding, but some of us have wounds as well. We are very disappointed, and we are struggling with the difficulties some of our colleagues face every day here within our community and within our organization. The RNPA Board of Directors encourage you to use your voices, to stand united for universal change, and to seek support from those around you as we move forward during these pivotal times. Our members are just as diverse as the patients we serve, and we must continue to stand together for social justice to change the structural inequality that weakens our foundation. Enough is enough. We call on you to speak up, stand up, vote, and never tread lightly over issues you are passionate about. We as a union call upon our elected officials to provide support to our community for change. Diversity must be the cornerstone of our future and we demand that from all our organizations in this county, and in the entire country.


In the land of the free, social disparity cannot continue to wreak havoc on our communities while leaving misery, poverty, and fear in its wake.


RNPA leadership commits to leading by example by using our voice to ensure fairness and equality to create a safe space within our profession for all people, regardless of color.

"There's only one race, it's the human race."-Jane Elliot 

In Solidarity,


The RNPA Board of Directors


950 South Bascom Avenue, suite 2120
San Jose, California 95128

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