April 2021 Newsletter

Dues Increase Details Make Your Voice Heard Object To Assignments and more

What will the increase in dues be used for?

The union dues increase was voted in with almost 70% in favor. Thank you for helping to keep our union strong! Dues will increase to $30 per paycheck starting May 3rd, 2021

Click here to see a video from your Board of Directors!

What the dues will be used for:

  • Planning for the 2023 Contract Negotiation
  • Hiring of office staff
  • Violence prevention
  • Expanding the roll of APRNs

In addition, RNPA is currently working on the following:

Time Keeping

You deserve to be paid for your work! We had a meeting with Paul Lorenz and Catherine Anthony (Director of Financial Planning) on March 22.

Our next steps are to determine the extent of the issues.

Please respond to the survey that will be sent out!

County-wide Transfers

We believe that nurses should be promoted from within the Enterprise.

Section 6.9 – Transfers and Job Opportunities

Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System shall establish a system to facilitate transfers and career mobility of Registered Nurses.

If a vacant position exists after exhausting the above provisions, management shall post a notice of the vacancy for transfers of eligible nurses outside the work unit for seven calendar days.

Should the vacancy be posted as promotional or open/competitive, any nurse interested and eligible for transfer will be interviewed and considered prior to interviewing

Please email us if you have problems transferring or being promoted. Please watch for a survey from RNPA!

How do you object to an unsafe assignment?

Fill the form to object to an assignment.

If this objection results in a meeting with management that you believe will lead to disciplinary action, please invoke your Weingarten Right to union representation! RNPA will offer to be present during the meeting and inform you of your rights.

How do you change from Extra Help to Per Diem?

Request a status change from extra help to per diem when you have:

one-year of full-time experience (approx. 2080 hrs)

meet the commitment level of a per diem ( 6 8-hr shifts a month or 4-12 hr. shifts per month, and two of them should be weekend shifts)

We need unit representatives!

A union is only as strong as it’s members, and RNPA is looking for some strong members to advocate for themselves and their units!

If interested, please contact Fatima Aboukhaled, our RNPA Area Rep Board of Director and Kaleo Gange our RNPA staff member if you are interested.


April is National Certification Month!

The county will send out the RNPA National Certification Payment Request sheet

Please submit the form electronically.

No hard copies will be accepted.

Biweekly General Membership Meeting

Make your voice heard!

Every Other Wednesday

1:30 to 2:30 pm

4/7 and 4/21