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  1. January 1st
  2. Third Monday in January
  3. Third Monday in February
  4. March 31st
  5. Last Monday in May
  6. July 4th
  7. First Monday in September
  8. Second Monday in October
  9. Veteran’s Day to be observed on the date State of California workers observe the holiday
  10. Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving)
  11. The Friday following Thanksgiving Day
  12. December 25th
  13. Juneteenth

There are two contractual sources of educational reimbursement: Professional Development Fund (PDF) and Tuition Reimbursement Fund (TRF).

The PDF fund is a matching fund, meaning the County will reimburse all applicants half of the submitted receipts up to a maximum of $400.00. You may apply to this fund any time during the fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. Additionally, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists receive a maximum of $1200.00 per fiscal year. You may apply to this fund any time during the fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. This fund will cover tuition, required books, costs related to travel outside the SC County, as well as specialty license certification and recertification. In addition, you are eligible for 100% reimbursement of your BRN license through PDF monies.

The second source of educational reimburse is the TRF. Coded nurses are eligible for $1200.00 per fiscal year for tuition and books. The key to this fund is you must apply for reimbursement in the fiscal quarter in which you are going to take the class.

Section 12.1 – Professional Development
Section 12.2 – Tuition Reimbursement

All coded nurses are eligible to receive educational leave. Each July 1 a credit of 40 hours per year is granted to full-time nurses and prorated for part-time nurses. There is a 3-month waiting period for new hires. The individual nurse shall decide the educational program in which they shall participate. You must apply 10 working days prior to the class.

Section 11.6 – Educational Leave for Registered Nurses

Yes, you will be paid for all days that you are scheduled to work and respond to a summons or serve on a jury. You are required to notify your manager when you receive a summons and when jury service is completed. Furthermore, if you are scheduled for jury duty for an extended period of time, management is required to review such instances and develop a schedule that will assist you in your jury duty service on a case-by-case basis.

Section 11.3 – Leaves to Perform Jury Duty or to Respond to a Subpoena b) Jury Duty

FMLA requires the County to grant family leave or medical leave to employees for a total of 12 workweeks during a 12-month period who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Section 11.2 – Family Leave

County of Santa Clara Family and Medical Leave Policy

Leaves of absence with pay shall be granted nurses in order that they may discharge the customary obligation arising from the death of a member of their immediate family. Up to forty (40) hours pay shall be granted which will consist of sixteen hours not charged to any accumulated balance followed by 24 hours chargeable to sick leave if necessary. An additional 24 hours, 16 chargeable to sick leave and 8 not charged to any accumulated balance, is authorized if out-of-state travel is required.

Section 10.4 – Bereavement Leave

A statement from a licensed medical practitioner who is eligible for third party reimbursement must support a request for sick leave with pay in excess of 3 working days. Management may require such supporting statement for absences of less than 3 days.

Section 10.3 – Doctor’s Notes

A nurse who has acquired a sufficient right to sick leave with pay may be granted permission to use same not to exceed 3 working days for such leave in order to care for a sick or injured member of the nurse’s immediate family requiring care. “Immediate family” shall mean the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather of the nurse or of the spouse of the nurse and the spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, sister, grandchild, brother-in-law or sister-in-law of the nurse or any person living in the immediate household of the nurse.

Section 10.2 – Sick Leave Usage for Care of Immediate Family

Each nurse is entitled to sick leave. Such leave may be used for personal illness or for medical consultation to preserve the nurse’s health. Except for emergencies the nurse’s supervisor must approve all absences for medical consultation. Sick leave is earned on an hourly basis. The accrual factor per hour is .045977.

Section 10.1 – Sick Leave Bank Usage and Accrual


PTO was developed to allow more flexibility in the use of nurses’ time off. Each nurse shall be entitled to annual PTO. PTO is earned on an hourly basis. Included in the accrual factor are 3 personal days, 12 holidays, and 1 birthday vacation.

Article 9 – Paid Time Off

Draft schedules shall be posted prior to the posting of the final work schedule. Nurses in part-time codes should indicate their availability for additional shift work in writing. Prior to the posting of the final schedule, part time nurses will be given preference over Per Diem and Extra Help nurses for available, additional shifts in their work unit and in any work unit in which they may claim competency.

Section 8.20 – Additional Shift Work

(Refer to page 28 of the MOU)

No, except for emergencies, changes in a nurse’s scheduled work unit, scheduled regular shift or scheduled number of hours in the work day will not be made unless the nurse is given advance notice of the change and is provided the opportunity to discuss the proposed change with the appropriate supervisor.

Section 8.19 – Changes in Schedules

If the County requires a nurse to work more than two (2) consecutive weekends, or more than 26 weekends per year, the nurse will receive time and one-half for work in excess of that required. To qualify for 3rd weekend pay, the days worked must be consistent and consecutive i.e. 3 Saturdays in a row or 3 Sundays or both if the entire weekend is worked.

Section 8.12 – Weekend Off Provision

Nurses shall be granted a meal period of not less than thirty minutes or more than one (1) hour, scheduled at approximately the mid-point of the workday.

All nurses shall be granted and take a rest period of fifteen (15) minutes during each half shift of four (4) hours of work. Rest periods shall be considered as time worked for pay purposes.

Section 8.3 – Meal Periods, Section 8.4 – Rest Periods

Nurses are eligible to receive overtime pay when you work more than 8 hours in a day or 80 hours in a pay period. Nurses working 10 or 12-hour shifts with an overtime waiver are eligible for overtime pay when working more than 10 or 12 hours respectively in a day.

Section 8.2 – Overtime Work

Nurses who have been at the Clinical Nurse II level for at least six months are eligible to request promotion through the Clinical Series promotion process.

A. The nurse completes a “Request for Promotion to a CN III” form and an employment application. The nurse submits the completed forms to the Nurse Manager no less than 60 days before the desired date of promotion. Make a copy of the request for your own records.
B. The Nurse Manager or designee completes the Clinical Nurse appraisal so that promotion, if recommended, can be effective no later than the beginning of the next pay period after 60 days from the date of request. Note that the CN II probationary period must be completed before the promotion is effective.

Promotion shall be recommended if the evaluation is standard or above in all Summary categories of the current clinical level, all but one of the Summary categories of the clinical level for which the nurse is applying, and in all the Additional Rating Factors on the Clinical Nurse Performance appraisal tool.

A nurse hired into CN I Step 1 receives automatic payroll advancement to CN I Step 2 after 6 months. After 6 months at CN I Step 2, the nurse is promoted to CN II Step 2 contingent upon a satisfactory evaluation.

A nurse hired into CN I Step 2 may be promoted to CN II Step 2 after 6 months, contingent on a satisfactory evaluation. In accordance with Merit System rule A25-157, if promotion occurs prior to completion of original probationary period, a new 9-month probationary period must occur in the new classification.

(Refer to Nursing Standards Manual NP 18)

No material will be inserted into the nurse’s personnel file(s) without prior notice to the nurse. Nurses shall have the right to review their personnel file(s) or authorize review by their representative.
Section 6.8 – Personnel Files

The Weingarten rule provides that an employee has the right to be represented by the union at an investigatory meeting when the employee has a reasonable belief that the meeting could lead to discipline. These rights are not automatic.

  • You must request representation
  • You must have a reasonable belief that discipline will result from the meeting
  • You are entitled to know the subject of the meeting before it begins
  • You have the right to consult with the union representative prior to the meeting

Do not refuse to attend a meeting if union representation is requested and denied. RNPA suggests that you attend the meeting and again reiterate your right to have a Union Representative present. If this fails, RNPA advises that you clearly state that you reserve your right to answer the questions at a later date. Be sure to record all questions asked.

Yes, nurses may arrange for interviews during work time with prior notification to their direct supervisor.

Section 6.9 – (d) Transfers and Job Opportunities

Yes, nurses may arrange for interviews during work time with prior notification to their direct supervisor.

Any of the above changes could be accomplished by utilizing the transfer process. In order to transfer to a different code, shift or unit, there must be an available position. Open positions available within your unit are posted internally for 5 days. This gives nurses on the unit the opportunity to apply for this position prior to posting throughout SCVHHS. Open positions throughout the system are posted outside the Nursing Office biweekly and on the following website: www.sccjobs.org

Section 6.9 – Transfers and Job Opportunities and Nursing Standard NP-9
In addition, nurses may exchange shifts within the same code status and within the same work unit twice a year in February and August.
Section 6.10 – Exchange of Shifts outlines the process.

Section 5.1 – Seniority Defined

Seniority is defined as the total length of continuous employment from the first date of hire within the bargaining unit. For those at SLRH and OCH, those with the same hire date, the BRN number will be utilized to determine seniority.

(Refer to our MOU under contracts tab)