Negotiations Update! December 07, 2023!

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Negotiations Update

RNPA and the County last met for negotiations on Monday, December 7, 2023.  Our next formal negotiations session will be Monday, December 18, 2023.  Our following sessions are on the calendar for after the holidays in January.

One highlight of this session is the agreement for nurses to have the ability to cash-out 80 hours of PTO per year if they choose.

A large part of the discussion on December 7th centered around safety and the County’s requirement for nurses to have their last names visible on their badges. This was a big issue for members on our negotiations survey.  Our members do not want their full names on their badges for safety reasons. RNPA has thoroughly researched this issue and do not believe it is a BRN requirement or JACHO as previously cited by the County. The new assertion by the County is that it is a requirement of the California Department Public Health (CDPH).  RNPA has reached out to CDPH and are waiting for a response. In the meantime, the County wants to jointly write and send a letter to CDPH to confirm if this is a requirement.

Moving forward, RNPA is working on our counter proposals in an effort to come to an agreement with the County as soon as possible. Be certain that we will request retro pay, but there is no guarantee that we will receive it.   It is important that we stay united and that our members support this process, so we can negotiation the best possible contract.   

Stay engaged and current! 

For your review, click on either the County’s Proposal or RNPA’s Proposal as listed in each article as they are hyperlinks.

RNPA submitted the following counter proposals on 12/7/2023:Click on RNPA ProposalsCounty submitted the following counter proposals on 12/7/2023:Click on County ProposalsTentative Agreements
•County proposed a Side Letter Agreement for RNPA and County to jointly draft and send a letter to CDPH regarding the “requirement” for a nurse to have their last name on their badge.County’s Proposal
Section 8.18 – Alternate Work schedules 

•County added Telework practices that are governed by the County Telework Program Countywide Policy
County’s Proposal
Proposal #23
 Section 8.1 – Hours of Work

•Clarifies nurses are paid for daylight savings shifts.
RNPA’s ProposalSection 8.1 – Hours of Work

•Clarifies nurses are paid for daylight savings shifts.
RNPA’s Counter Proposal 
Article 12 – Professional Development and Tuition Reimbursement

•County proposed moving $40,000.00 from Tuition Reimbursement to Professional Development (PDF) to prevent PDF from exhausting.
County’s Proposal
RNPA Proposal #5 Section 18.5 – Staff Meetings

•RNPA proposed virtual meetings at the discretion of management.

•Nurses who are unable to attend meetings will be provided duty time to review minutes and ask questions.
RNPA’s ProposalSection 18.5 – Staff Meetings

•County’s proposed language, “A virtual option may be available for staff meetings, if operationally appropriate, at the sole discretion of management.”
County’s Proposal
Section 18.12 – Staffing

•County’s proposed new language in f) Dispute Resolution.  County is proposing to eliminate the avenue to resolve disputes by an impartial third party.  They are proposing the dispute be escalated to the CEO or designee during the regularly scheduled Labor Management Committee.
County’s Proposal
Proposal #4
Section – 6.1 Probation

•RNPA added language stating that “There shall be no extension of probation due to tardiness or other partial days of LWOP.  
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal # 6
Section 6.3 – Personnel Files

•Clarifies types of employee files

•No material will be inserted in file without prior notification to the nurse.

•Establishes a log tracker identifying who has accessed the personnel file
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal # 7
Section 6.4 – Disciplinary Action Permanent Classified

•Investigation conducted in a timely manner.

•When placed on administrative leave, the County will provide the Union with an update no less than one (1) time per month.
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal #18
Section 9.7 – Annual Cash out of PTO

•RNPA accepted County’s proposal for nurses to be eligible to cash out 80 hours of PTO every year without restrictions (i.e. occurrence, etc.).  This proposal was based on RNPA’s original proposal to not have restriction in cashing out time.
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal #19
Section 9.8- Sick Leave Conversion to PTO

•Added language regarding protected leaves.

•Increased cash out days by 3.
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal #30 Section 8.22 – National Certification Pay

•RNPA proposed $750.00 for Annual Certification Pay
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal #32 -Section 10.5 – Sick Leave Bank Pay Off

•RNPA proposed pay of 480 hours at 75% of the equivalent cash value.  
RNPA’s Proposal
Proposal #36
Section 4.1 Official Representatives and 4.2 Negotiating Committee

•The proposal clarifies release time hours and is following the law differentiating release time banks and purposes.

•Adds additional release time hours for representation.
RNPA’s Proposal

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