Negotiations Update! January 03, 2024!

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Negotiations Update

RNPA and the County met on 1/3/2024 for contract negotiations. RNPA submitted the proposals listed below. The County provided their estimated costs of what RNPA’s proposal would cost the County over the next three (3) years based on RNPA’s proposals submitted on 12/18. Remember, these are the County’s calculations. These calculations include all RNPA represented job classifications and all other classifications with salaries tied to the RNPA contract. The non-RNPA represented classifications account for approximately 12% of the ongoing General Wage Increase (GWI) costs. (These calculations include all the CEMA nursing classifications and the Physician Assistants as well). So, when you review the first line of the Estimated Cost of the Association Proposals document, understand that other bargaining unit realignments are included in the costs for RNPA.

The next scheduled negotiations session will be Monday, January 8, 2024. The following sessions will be January 11, January 18, January 26, and February 1, 2024.

As RNPA continues to negotiate in good faith with the County to make certain that we secure better wages, hours and working conditions for our members, please know that things are not progressing as we would have hoped. The County has still not remedied its “unfair practices.”

Please read your email today for our negotiations assessment survey. Make sure that you complete the survey by Friday, January 19, 2024, by 3:00 PM. This is your opportunity to make certain that the Negotiations Team understands what your priorities are.

We have uploaded the Strike School video on the RNPA Negotiations page for your convenience. If you have any questions, please make certain you contact the RNPA Office, 408-292-6061 or email, [email protected].

For your review, click on either the County’s Proposal or RNPA’s Proposal as listed in each article as they are hyperlinks.

RNPA Proposal and MOU SectionClick on RNPA Proposals from 1/3County submitted the following counter proposalsClick on County  Proposals 1/3Tentative
Agreements (TA)
RNPA Counter proposal #5 – Section 18.5 – Staff Meeting
• RNPA withdrew language pertaining to paid time to review minutes.
• Withdrew 4-hour minimum pay for in-person meetings.
RNPA’s Proposal
RNPA Counter Proposal #9 – Section 11.2 – Family Leave
• RNPA agrees to the County leave policy except that the County wants it to be non-grievable and RNPA wants to have the avenue to grieve the policy to protect our members’ interests.
RNPA’s Proposal
RNPA Counter Proposal #17 – Section 8.20 (New) section – Scheduling
• RNPA reformatted the proposal. The proposal is designed to have uniform scheduling practices in the Enterprise.
RNPA’s Proposal
RNPA Counter Proposal #32 Section 10.5 – Sick Leave Bank Payoff
• RNPA withdrew language pertaining to increasing the payoff – language now just changed payoff day to hours. 
•  The language changes the payoff from “days” to “hours”  
RNPA’s Proposal
RNPA Counter Proposal #33 – Section 11.7 (NEW) – Reimbursement of Required Nursing Licenses
• Coded nurses are eligible for 100% reimbursement of BRN license through an educational reimbursement fund
RNPA’s Proposal
RNPA Counter Proposal
#41 – Appendix A – RNPA Salaries
• RNPA proposed general wage increases for the next three (3) years.
• 10/29/2023 – 6%
• 10/29/2024 – 6%
• 10/29/2025 – 7%
RNPA’s Proposal
County submitted updated estimated cost of RNPA’s proposal based on 12/18 negotiations proposals.County’s Proposal

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