Negotiations UPDATE January 11, 2024!

Today, County proposed a change to Appendix B- Classifications and Areas of Competency for Layoff Purposes Only. They want to combine the areas of competency among the individual classifications instead of having a separate area of competency for each individual hospital and ambulatory care area.

In addition, they proposed changes to Appendix C- Per Diem and Extra Help Nurses. Main changes include increasing shift availability for PD nurses from 6 to 8 shifts a month if hired into 8-hour shifts. PD nurses hired into alternative shifts (10- or 12- hour shifts) should be available for 6 instead of 4 shifts a month. For nurses in the SAFE unit, on-call are to be dispersed equally among coded, PD, and EH nurses. At this time, County does not want provide holiday pay for EH or PD nurses working holidays other than the 3 major holidays already listed in the MOU (Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Day). Their reasoning is that a PD nurses’s already elevated hourly wage should include holiday pay. This same reasoning is also applied to the lack of charge nurse pay should a PD nurse be charge nurse. RNPA brought some talking points to the table- mainly that all SEIU employees get holiday pay on all holidays and are not limited to the 3 major ones. In addition, RNPA stressed the EH nurses be given advance notice and preference to being hired into a coded position before opening codes to outside candidates.

Another huge debate is our general wage increase. Last session, RNPA proposed a 6%, 6%, 7% increase. County’s new offer is 2%, 2.5%, 2.5% increase (their previous offer was 2%, 2%, 2.5%)- an increase of only 0.5% to the second year.

The DPNP program was discussed. Both sides had positive reactions to this program and it seemed like both wanted to proceed. However, County stated there were funds available at the time the DPNP program was first introduced, but since the program never came to fruition, the funds were reallocated and the current budget may be too tight to accommodate.

On the our side, RNPA still wants $200/month for bilingual pay. We still want pro-rated insurance to account for overcode shifts worked by our part-time nurses. We still want to raise the Critical Care Differential to $4/hour. We want Cardiac Nurse Specialty Pay to be 4% of their base pay. We still want virtual options for staff meetings.

Lastly, we touched on Reimbursement, Professional Development & Tuition Reimbursement. In summary, we’re asking for 100% reimbursement on our BRN licenses without limit. We also want to increase the Professional Development & Tuition Reimbursement Fund to $400,000 in fiscal year (FY) 2023-24, $450,000 in FY 2024-25, and $500,000 in FY 2025-26. Lastly, we want the county contribution to increase to $2000 per nurse instead of $1600. For NPs, CNS, and CRNAs, we want $2500. No rebuttals were received today regarding the above proposals.

Above is only a summary of the proposals. To view all proposals, they will be uploaded to the Employee Services Agency website in the next few days.

As of now, the County and RNPA are being very difficult with each other. Neither of us want to budge on our proposals. Several proposals have been placed in the impasse “bucket.” Impasse is when neither side agrees, and that’s where we’re at. We want the best for our nurses and the team will continue to be difficult and stubborn. That being said, thank you for your continued support! We are RNPA STRONG and STRIKE READY!

Just a quick reminder, the Negotiations Priority Survey is still out! You have until January 19th @ 3pm to submit. Thank you!