Negotiations Update! September 28, 2023

Hello all!  Bargaining day 4, Session 3 is done!  Below is a summary of proposals submitted.  County negotiators didn’t argue on the proposals.  All they did was ask for clarification on the proposals.  However, they did disagree with having the Negotiations Team being released from hospital work.  They feel we’re asking for too much release time.  We informed them of the difficulties of writing proposals and transitioning negotiators on top of adding board members but they still felt we were being unreasonable. Despite their disagreement, we will continue to request for negotiation prep release time, and if they deny us, our attorneys will have to file a ULP charge. Overall, we’re still pushing through. Next bargaining day (day 5) will be Thursday, October 5, 2023. Thank you again for your continued support and stay #rnpastrong!