Vote for Our Union Dues Increase

Step 1: 

Please check your private email or SPAM folder (junk) to find your credentials (username & password).   Look for “[email protected]” 

  1. Your username is your employee ID. 
  2. If you found it, the necessary information is on the email.  Remember, the email MUST be from ASSOCIATION VOTING and NOT from RNPA.
  3. No need to go further. 

Step 2:

If you cannot find it, then watch the video below first.  

Step 3:

Step 4:

  • Then check your same private email you used to get your credentials (check your SPAM too).  You should received it within 30 seconds.   You should receive all the necessary information and the link within the email. 
  • Once you have your credentials (username and password) then go back to this website to vote: 

?You can actually use the iFrame below without leaving this page to fill out the required fields to get your credentials.

Here’s why you should vote yes!

 Please see the link to the YouTube video of why this is so important to RNPA.

Here are some of our recent successes which benefits all of us:

  • PTO Cash Out Exemption Side Letter Agreement
  • PTO Max Cap Side letter Agreement
  • Extra Shift Incentive Pay Side Letter Agreement
  • Shining a light on violence prevention and ensuring that Deputies will now arrest perpetrators who assault our members.
  • Ensuring nurses had proper PPE and encouraged management in changing policies to keep you safe.
  • RNPA members received an 11% base wage increase over the first year of the contract for a total of 17% over four year.
  • Significantly increased our PM and NOC shift differentials.  
  • Significantly increased the hazard pay for custody health and psych nurses. 
  • Negotiated a hiring grid so nurses will be placed fairly and consistently in their classification and step 
  • Eliminated steps 1 and 2 for CN I, CN II, Extra Help I and Extra Help II so that those who are hired are placed in a higher salary.
  • Our proposed increase, once approve is still lower than SEIU (1.5% of their salary – LVN for example is $43.50 per pay period) and CNA ($65-75 per pay period) union dues.

Thank you,

Michael Benipayo, RN